lauantai 14. joulukuuta 2013

Tailor House Rock

"porta potty in the county jail
prison bones there's a big on the way
u joint was something on Sunday again
to swing you should have heard the bells

jingle bells saying let's rock
everybody let's rock
everybody in the whole cell block
they're going to the tailor house rock

bottom of it put a tenor saxophone
little was the first on the slide trombone
the time apart from Illinois press boom bang

the Holy Bible, let's rock
everybody loves truck
everybody in the whole cell block
was built into the channel house rocks

number 47 said the number three
your kids to bed I ever did see
I sure would be delighted with your company
come on to do the tailor house rock with me

camera the 150 body
don't you be no square
if you could fuck partner with the wooden chair

let's roll
everybody in the whole film
what's there to the jail house rock

she stands for him to say
no to make a preg boxes have shitty
and he said mix mix
I want to stick around the kid markets
let's rock

everybody let's truck
everybody in the whole cell block
they're into the jail house rock"

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