lauantai 29. maaliskuuta 2014

Fading Like A Flower

a nap time
will the Sun be soon
soon I love you from whom
to find a whore
it's made up stuff
I'll try
I just need a little more time
to get your fruit rolled out of my mind
to see the world
through different eyes

everytime I see a true to who
drink or 20 minutes since
I can't do every time you leave the room
I feel like a flavor

tell me why when I scream there's no reply
when're report this nothing too find
when asleep I'll break down and cry

everytime I see you tried to hide away
but when we meet the two so I can let go
anytime you need for you are free
I'm sorry didn't like a flame

13 my career fading like a a roof
beaten by the store
talking to myself getting numb style in
its such a cold cures
to come such a poor

everytime I see you on trying to hide away
but when we meet it seems I can't let go
every time you leaving earth see you
I'm still waiting like a flyer

everytime I see your true too hard anyway
that's my baby pictures I can go
anytime you to see you are fading like a 80
Murphy Mariah tried to start a little
little man eating so I can let go
everytime you leave the light on flash


The flyers make me cringe. SO mainstream. :P Real lyrics are here.

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