perjantai 21. maaliskuuta 2014

Libertina Grimm

How would sir player
and spits fire blade
with the Dresden serenades
has soundtrack now I have stop being ready
for the phone bill
God was six days sober
on the night that she was born
to the glistening star
a futbol table cloth
and I come now in religious porn

she was Alice Through the glory hole
and a check you left misconception
Disney ask the high priest says
okay and deepest darkest option
oldest Perry weeks for me sleep
a teen a Grimm

do the teen agree in cheetahs
Little Red Riding Crop
Rowell full fat have stocking tops
beneath the Titans little strapped
of the basket on the whole does bills
out the stroke of midnight come
she told the nurses in a positive spin
dip in just touching full of general courses

in the hand of mocha Redeemers
so that it always please
tell more squatting
in the coffins flashing texted that to teams floor
keep your hats for
2013 a Grimm

fantasy intended soul
Snow White and the Seven chillin
smokin mirrors on a falsely
13 a cream
about this Christmas is the truth
fun of those will be the QC
mp3 but the shoelace
between a dream
leave the scene of cream history
candle in the black and room
9 candles leave to improve the flu
she sees the dog and she feels her room
full of hidden secrets

hey home to her Hottie those precious few
those countless stopped and got the blues
just tortured souls just like me and you
full of his secrets

you'll have to leave the genogram fantasy
and can just don't know what time
the Sinistrals smoking mirrors on all fours
libertine a dream
saw this Christmas to
the final does will be the QCM
pictures to 50 shoeplay
but you in a dream

fantasy and candy store
Snow White and the Seven stroll
smoking mirrors awful sweet
potato cream
without ice cream
messages through
the final does will be the QC
I'm pissed that the shoot
me the to Tina cream

no don't go
don't you leave me here so alone
Liberty no
no don't you go
don't you leave me here so alone
that are free to roam


Sometimes I really think I should give up on CoF in the context of this blog. Here are the real lyrics.

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