maanantai 31. maaliskuuta 2014


Another Earth to hang lowly
child is slowly taking
I'm nervous cause if so
then we miss taking

where to send this to me
it's not my family
it is very old fart booth
returns and irritable and organs
and organ video when
you love someone
beat the beat down
hey so

what's in your head
in your he who
zombie zombie
zombie zombie
hey there

do do do do do do
do do do do do do

I know if you're my lover
loves breaking heart is taking over
then the verandas aside
so we must be mistaken
its 230 232 do 1600
in the hood or still photo booth a tank
and a boy and a girl in the head in the hood
it is so handy

zombie zombie
but same you love me
hey hey hey hey ole ole ole ole you


I have no words for this. Real lyrics here.

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