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Cell Block Tango

uh uh

and now the mattresses of the crew can count to jail
in their rendition of the cell block tango

uh uh

he had it coming
he had it coming
he only has himself to blame
if you would have been there
if you thats it thats a picture
you showed up to missed

popsic squished up on Cicero Lipschitz

you know how people have this little happens
that get you down like Bernie
Bernie he liked to chew gum
No not chew
well I come home this one day
I'm really irritated and looking for a little sympathy
and that's destiny laying on the couch
drinking a beer and chilling no not chewing
so I said to him
I said
you pop that cum one more time
and he did

so I took the shotgun off the wall
and I fight two warning shots
into his head

he had it coming
he had it coming
you only have to do in silky blame
if you would have been there
if you would have heard it
I bet you would have done the same

I'm at the CQ Young from Salt Lake City
about 2 years ago and he told me he was single
and we hit it off right away
so we start living together
he'd go to work and come home
at six and a drink
we would have dinner

then I found out

single he told me
single my eyes

not only was he married
oh no
he had six wives
one of those Mormons you know

so that night when he came home from work
I fixed him his drink as usual
you know
some guys just can't hold that awesome dick

how to tell him
he had it coming
over and it's prob
and then he used it and he abuse that
it was a murder but no water crime

now I'm standing in the kitchen
coming up the chicken for dinner
minding my own business
in storms my husband will bring
in a jealous rage
you been screwing the milkman he says
he was crazy
and he kept screaming
you been screwing the milkman
then he ran into my knife
he ran into my knife 10 times

if you woulda been there
is here that's enough
about you you would have done the same

mit keresek én itt azt mondják
aki ír nekem lefogta a szeretet
youtube nem igaz atlanta nem tudom
miért mondja az a szám hogy ki is
próbáltam rendesek megmagyarázni
de nem egyezik meg

Yeah but did you do it

uh uh not guilty

my sister Veronica and I had this double act
on my husband Charlie travelled around with us
what the last number and I are at we did 20 acrobatic tricks in a row
1 2 3 4 5 splits spread eagles backflips flip flops
one right after the other
well this one night before the show
we went down at the hotel is Cicero
the three of us does Anna have in a few laughs
and we ran out of ice
so I went out to get some

I come back
open the door
and this Veronica and Charlie doing number 17
the spread eagle

well I was in such a state of shock
I completely blocked out
I can't remember a thing
it wasn't until later when I was washing the blood off my hands
are you even knew they were dead

what is coming
they had it coming
they had it coming all along
I didn't do it
body fat on it
how could you tell me
that I was wrong

he had it coming
ordered coming
hey how did you mean a little long
but didn't do it
bad if I got it
how could you tell me that I was wrong

I loved Calvin Lipschitz mall that up then I could ever know
he was a real autistic guy
a painter
that he was always trying to find himself
he did go out ever not looking for himself
and on the way he found
and Irving
I guess you can say we broke up because of artistic differences
he saw himself as alive
and I saw him dead

that dirty bum bum bum bum
to me how to tell me they don
is coming it's coming along
songs from the if you say hi
picture tells the 30

he had it coming
he had it coming
really helped himself to play
if you would have been there
if you did Xena affection

you say you pop up the cum one more time
single my ass
10 times
yet because
I have tons of them but the
number 17 the spread eagle
artistic differences
I thought you were done the same
top six squish uh uh Cicero Lipschitz


Oh give me a break! The real lyrics are here. (In case that anyone is interested about the part in Hungarian, the real lyrics google-translate to the following - I don't speak or understand Hungarian, despite it being a language related to Finnish, but I can pronounce it somewhat:

"What am I doing here?
It is said that the famous residential
pinioned my husband and I slammed on the head.
But it is not true. I am innocent.
I do not know why Uncle Sam says I did it.
I tried to explain to the police, but they did not understand."

and the misheard lyrics as they stand here:

"What am I doing here say
who writes love me pinioned
youtube is not true I do not know atlanta
Why do you say that the number who
I tried to explain nice
but not the same")

Happy First of May, everyone!

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