lauantai 3. toukokuuta 2014

Cosmic Girl

I miss jump out and going to happen
because it has a quarter past 11
on a Saturday in 1999
I'm right across from where I'm standing
on a desperate she was grinding
it was clear that she was from another tell her I'm
like some baby Barbarella
what the stuff is her umbrella
she asked me if I'd like to magnetize
do I have to go star tracking
plus it's your ship the check and
see if she makes a beautiful pass me by

she's just a cosmic girl
who from another galaxy
my house in real Krabby Patties
just from a text me quiz
putting me in ecstasy
just waiting on my free consent
she's going to speak

I'm scanning on my way to
where she should she's from a quasar
40,000 million light years already
it's the distance solar system
I tried to phone but they don't listen
so I asked her for a number of the phone
just a second my transporter
so I can teleport ya
all over my heavenly body

who's keeping a close encounter
I should take a nap too proud to beg me
to happen suppose 1030 to
two phones

she's just a cosmic girl
who brunette the galaxy
100 0 gravity
she's from a company
called putting the max to see
transmitting on my frequency
she scares me since winter hyperspace one of food help you to say
something to help in space 1:03 happy to post
something to help you still wanna see more pictures
those pants man to hyperspace wanna see her picture Facebook
sends me into hyperspace what are forever pretty please

she's just a cosmic girl
coming to the galaxy
transmitting on my frequency
cause make up
can't you be my cosmic woman
I meet you I want you
to be my cosmic girl for the rest of time
I'm doing my love
oh my god bless Mika
ya she sends me home you

This was tricky to do! As you can probably see. The real lyrics are here.

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