maanantai 24. marraskuuta 2014

The Everlasting

good good good crew it's between us
the couple hello hello hello
stop those books come true your mind
who plays to the to YouTube stars

oh you're old are you hear you say
it doesn't mean I don't care
if I go to be any more
this technique apps for the world

20 hinder be pleasing
when we were winning
when are my world you live in
MW to be doing
when we were we doing
when I love smiles world you doing

but now I'm so do I
the help hello doing other things

the world is Hulu free
if you cheese this just like you too and just like me
to ask you to help book your next
to love the old is full
so don't forget or don't pretend
it's for this free video intros
for you to live
destroys my days to get home smiley night

MW tuning
when we were winning
when are smiles world ya genuine
in the evening
when we were winning
when are smiles World genuine

for now on for Bieber hello hello testing everlasting

in the beep beeping
when we were winning
when smile world genuine is the BB King

when we were winning
when are smiles word Jen who win
but now I'm forgiven
the hell for laughing
but now I'm so do you
voodoo hello hello testing everlasting


Digging into my old drafts right now, since my legendary mobile phone broke down recently. And I have to admit, this makes no sense at all. The hell for laughing! The proper lyrics are to be found in here.

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