lauantai 14. joulukuuta 2013

Love of Cats

"we move like a tiger

so we couldn't get closer than this
who is we walked
the way we talk the way we talk the way we kiss

we sleep to the street

well everyone sleeps
getting bigger and sleek a room
for other one
works for the
scratches cream or my girl

went through all the songs we know

when to go see you and me
only use and no one heard

I'll show you sprain

interpreters thing
we miss you
who is the love cats
we miss you
he's the love cats

so wonderful you want to see you

one for you one for me 
pretty please
oh you know they don't do anything for you

we should help each other the cheese

should have a chocolate ice cream
in the fall asleep for a while
is the grooviest think
it's the perfect dream

feed you and me

only you said
no one hurt
also you in spring
it's a trust thing

we missed you the last cats

in the movie cast you
he's the love of cats"

Read the real lyrics (link opens in new tab)

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