keskiviikko 22. tammikuuta 2014


it's close to you bebe night
something is looking in the dumb
huh under the moonlight
is see you said that it almost up so hard
you try to scream
better take the Sun before you make sense
you start to please
asshole look to left between the eyes
you're a pair of lies

hello hello hello hello

I was going to see
if you found to be the first to strike
you know its 330
in the fucking phone you fucking son a killer hello hello please yeah

yugioh to do slam in real life is nowhere left to run
um you feel because you told me
wonder if you ever see this from
you close your eyes
and hope that this is just imagination, girl
but only one who
you hear creature creeping up behind
you all the time
does this is who
who is there in a second
just inches high school
339 farting so you live in sin
to kill a love
to know who to choose
trolling the stuff
stuff to walk in the middle
school ray snowing scaping the chills
I'll see a missed a game
this is the hell alone

they're out to get cheap you
this tea:m is closing in on every side
I used the loop solo fue
unless you change the number on your dino
now is the time frame for you in the title close to give the yeah
all free games
I'll save you from the tailor on the screen
how make you sleepy

does this is 330 to
530 you more than anything YouTube
did try
to help
who knows let me hold you tight
I'm shit killer to the true love
I love you to no end

just this is true through the night
he's don't want to put any more than anything
extra help free night
so let me hold time does
Shura to her free
I'm going to tell you tonight

darkness falls across the land
the midnight hour is close at hand
creatures call in search of plot
to terrorize Hills neighborhood
Andrew so whether she'll be found
without the soulful getting down
must send in face the hounds of hell
and drops inside of cultures shell
Paulus then she is in the air
the funk a full two thousand years
and grizzly ghouls from every tube
are closing in to seal your due
and though you fight to stay alive
your body starts to shake
the phone no mortal can resist
the evil of the trailer


Okay, now it's official: Michael Jackson had the most terrible accent. Sigh. Lyrics here.

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