tiistai 21. tammikuuta 2014


we all came back from the war
I wish somebody would tell me the score
we're a told to side on over the coals
shooting shells shaved his show off

where can a soldier fix himself a drink
to get the noise to get the thing
on the opium is running pretty low
cuz when the pain comes back
I don't want to know

across yonder ocean the native South fears
the years of field the to use of he is
God is not there is Spears
that's still yellow brass
they kill their enemies
by loving them to death

we were wrong on some battlefield
I felt something soft go through my shield
I felt something warm and to my god
I was bleeding bad but there were no cops

they catch you the three of us
to kiss back to the village
after a long long time I could decipher the line
which they were shaved balls
they worship the Sun
they worshiped the son of the evil one

they were more than voracious
they suck to run the show
and they let me go on one condition
that was when I came back to my native sure
I tell you they don't want to play with us anymore

but a part of me will never be screamed
and the part that's free will never be me
goddess emails love and beauty is in my head
a message from our enemies and he is what they said

they said they'd love it close haze
and death equals fate
an enemy always equals an adorable
but priest equals fall a
and life equals time
and time equals space
and space equals sublime
and human equals raise
oh and woman equals man
and pot equals pan
the phone ought to equal the flora
Patrice equals aura
and beginning equals the end
end always equals the start
but straight equals bent
the mind sometimes equals the heart
and you equals me
the land equals the sea
richer equals poorer
and priest equals aura


I dare you, check out this song, because it's JUST THAT AWESOME. Oh, and here are the correct lyrics.

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