torstai 16. tammikuuta 2014

After Ever After

If you've ever wondered why
Disney to you all and in love
here's what happened after all
there to be a true do


I love being princess down in
beautiful ocean blue
mermaids are going missing
the end up in someone's do
so just tell her to put yourself in
somebody else's kills

you're killing my eco system
with missing and oil spills

thank you BP
thank you baby
the British are killing
or you lose billing
now I can't see
my eyes!

China menses the flounders fins
plus the Japanese killed on my way with friends
Oceanside Brown & I think I'm drowning
thanks to BP

you suck


hey I'm okay
but its like a scared
my hospital marketable for the war on terror
Aladdin was taken by the CIA

we're not telling on
you got the wrong man in Guantanamo Bay
Prince Ali
where can he be
drowning in wow wow
interrogation from the nation of the free
bin Laden's taking the full
when not trained pilots it all
Jeff went crazy and no one put up a fuss
with her freedom Genie can vote for us
Bush wad crazy
Obama's lazy
all tired God is not in this country
did we my prince ugly


A whore
a whore
a whore
a whore

This Todd's gone wild
since I married an atom
they think I'm going straight to hell
but the jazz is played on me
of bestiality
could wind up getting me in a cell
so Nina sales is so
we're moving around by MAD man
the other one to burn me at this still
in a week trying to please them saved 10
no I hear that PETA this gonna take my beast of the way


after John Smith travels back to England
I help my people cultivate the fields
more English French and Spaniard
came to visit
and they treated us with guns and Jensen steel

they forced us into unknown land of Exile
they penetrated left a soul for dead
so I'm numb from a liberal with a weapon
what a separate their bodies from their head

(wait, what?)

have you ever held the entrails an English guy
what does the beating hearts of Spanish man
can you shoot an arrow in some French guys are able
can you paint with the red colors in this man

I can murder if I please
cause I'm dying of these CDs

I can please and with the red colors ENS the man

[A] thanks to BP
[J] where is Prince Ali
[B] bestiality
[P] I've got STD


Who is this Jensen guy and what sort of steel he be making? Got to be some wicked shit.

Anyway, here is the original song with the correct lyrics (lyrics are in the description). Check it out, you people! This guy, Jon Cozart (aka. Paint), is amazing at singing. Which I am not. But oh well, it's not like the gummy bears of life are shared equally in any case.

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