torstai 13. helmikuuta 2014

Byronic man

As lonely Slow ass poets on the world of cherries Co
will the moon with the out come of this to all ours
I didn't know that a man without a soul
its nothing but is still scanning of a picture of our

I poop scat
and piss test
drove a song that Christ through it
and then this is
Evil kiss with my lips and filtering content way to bed
please do me
for through me illluminati usually pissed
touch with what sup stop
at 500 out of pocket
that extended God bless

exciting new phrase for free movies playing for me
we re sighting back to the almanac of track best days

very cool me bad
much calorie burn with a stranger Russ to know
are passing fad
Jordan all the
accessories in Kanto

groan while this child
all home defiled
Faustian ass and me
enough they leave they
delete this is to speech for

I'm just a bitch ween her the spread of my life where in the world is the world
which circle of hell is mine when I arrive

hi they could me bad
muscular body with mine is
dangerous to know
are pulsing phone
at 1400 the park
in excess in encountered

who do
my shoulder
like a bowl
to be signed her
and broad and not try some
my Doxie need to prove inside her
when told to
wear old job putting Swift hold
not cite a lot of them so I know
what to know I'm told

Mary Chain a forest and heritage spy
playing trees fall for rent maps
I still played that part at least a cracked
I'm loading my gun in hot promiscuous lapse

then suiting swan neck on the street
by fruit on the ball and stocks
and there's nothing like a mouthful of the nation talk
to let you know just who you fucking are

the patron saint of Hearts game
can't you see my world is falling world is for being down
the patron saint OLC how are too big
can see my world is falling the world is falling down

answer after come to hear my roster

the patron saint of how to make bad
bad to use ass
to the patron saint of Hoarders

we they call me bad
Mexicali been with not a stranger to love to know
I'm passing side
heading to Home Depot McKinney Texas winning

10 to 3 cool me back
much calorie burn
with the dangerous to know
are pulsing fat

what up and I told him to go fuck them other cell
so cool
on my grave


It's really impossible to get this anywhere near right, as I doubt any phone will support growling and hissing. Real lyrics are here.

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