keskiviikko 12. helmikuuta 2014

Billy Brown

Oh Billy brown had lived in ordinary life
to get a dog around the Tosh in every wife
why what's all going according to plan
then Billy brown fell in love with another man

he made his love for almost every single day
making excuses for his dad your holiday
on some religions that is said to Mila sound
they didn't know that his face was asleep round

oh believe do
list get you down
Chitra burger
oh boo hoo
go to think you like a paper cup
gonna shake too low to Fairfield nuke
Oh Billy Graham hello

Oh Billy brown need a place somewhere to go
he's on an island off the coast of Mexico
living his life around his family behind
00 Billy brown it is find some peace of mind

on the strontium his travels on the way
he made a girl you was brave enough to say
when they love you should burn up his mind
Oh Billy brown you are a victim of the time

run Bruno
don't let this still a good shoot down
don't let you win let you drown
Bruno oh brother
go to pick you up like a paper gun
that shoots free nude big brother

oh you big bro
I'm gonna be cute like a paper cup
gonna shake too low to the fruit loops
oh believe

ob LeBron had lived in ordinary life
to get a dork and the cautionary wife
why we're so going according with a plan
then Billy Graham fell in love with another man


I say this all too often here, but WHAT. THE. FUCK. I mean, go and see the real lyrics. I dare you, go on. I haven't got the slightest clue where my phone gets all this.

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