keskiviikko 5. helmikuuta 2014

How Much Love

you're in the corner turning your back
on me again
Vermona give you the list that you to take
me to an end

kisses for you to please
I know you been hurt before
what is your YouTube
hello to me

how much is it gonna take
you to another hello
to you to let you know how do you do

how much you who is it gonna take

eat I'm reaching time you
getting so close
but you still owe me

I want to touch you
and give you my love
what is your YouTube

I can you please
that's your YouTube
what you scared that you do can

tell me
how much you're going to take
to holders need to be
to let you're what do you know
how much your YouTube
is it gonna take

I'll be searching for an answer
who tell me what its gonna be

how much you love
you sis gonna sneak to prove
you're not a whole week
do you tune
to let your heart to YouTube

how much love

who movies is going to take
to prove I'm not another call
to need to be be be to let your heart be pleasing
her shoe
tell me how much you


Augh. This seemed like such a promising song. But I guess it just had too many YouTubes. (Which is, technically speaking, the parts where the word is stretched, as in "how much lo-oooo-ove".) Here are the real lyrics. I promise they are tons better than this stumbling mumble.

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