tiistai 25. helmikuuta 2014


You know I don't know what it is
but everything about you
is so irresistible

don't you try to tell me that is not my type
to hide a wonderful inside
when it makes me weak with desire
I know that I'm supposed to make him wait
let him think I like the chase
but I can stop sending the fire
I know I meant to say no

the TV is still available
up close and personal
this game I can help me please
Justin Bieber doesn't speak
to his way is up full
irresistible to me please

yeah yeah
I can hardly breathe

don't you just try to sell my heart what's wrong
that I should really say goodnight
when I just can't stop myself falling

maybe I'll tell him that I feel the same
but I don't want to play a new game
because when I feel his arms wrapped around me
I know I meant to say hello

but he's serious is still pull
up close and personal
no in is capable
of I can have you please
move them to you soon
cool do you to be true
to his ways are powerful
is this is stupid to me

can't you see
whenever he's close to me
I really find it hard to breathe

he said Sis to go baby
you know its more than just the ritual
your kisses are powerful
oh he's so who is the real sister pool
go to youtube to see you too boo
of clothes and personal
no it is cute boo boo
I can call me please move them
just for you to come to YouTube
YouTube this result power for you
irresistible to me

he's irresistible
up close and personal
now it is capable of
I can hardly breathe
more than just physical
deeper than spirit chill
His ways are powerful
irresistible to me


So many sighs and moans, no wonder this got a bit fucked up, Jessica. You may want to try that again with proper singing. Real lyrics here.

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