tiistai 11. helmikuuta 2014

Man of Golden Words

I want to show you something
like the chili inside my heart
seems to be living in the Temple of the dog

where would I live
if I will where a man of golden words
hurt would I live at all

would send music
hey um

no no no reliable I will set free the bird
it's a pretty time of year
when the mountains sing out loud
tell me Mr golden words
how about the world
tell me can you tell
me a 20

where to send music
my only to lose
Community Care
hey um

let's for all in love with music
the driving 4 of our lives being
the only international language
Douban glory
the expression
on the knees about the tongue confess is
the Lord of lords the king of King
The King of Kings
oh yeah

where to send music
sure um words in be using
communication on


Some weird ideas that this phone has about how the lyrics to this really go.

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