tiistai 25. maaliskuuta 2014

Rose Tint My World

it was crazy windy
I was the regular Frank use a
bunny whistleblowing he helped the player
who the starter working on a muscle man
you know the only thing that keeps me how
is my love this is
such a small world
keeps the safe from
much trouble and Kayden

I'm just 7 foot old
truly beautiful to behold
and somebody should be told
my libido hasn't been controlled
no the only thing I've come to try
it isn't orgasmic Russia from lost
Roulston small world
keeps me safe from
my trouble and texting

yeah it's busy for me
help me mommy
I'll be good
you'll see take this tree Lil Wayne
GO this
let's see
abs feel sexy
what's come over me
here it comes again

awesome released
what is seized
my comfy dancer a stink
reduced it to here
the game has been dispatched
mine mine has been expanded
its a guess that's wrong keys landed
his last is so sing soon

what ever happened to pay way
that Kelly elegant satin and rape train
is it clung to us
I how I started to cry
why for have wanted to be addressed just say
give yourself over to absolute pleasure
swim the warm waters of the seasons self the flash
erotic nights mass
beyond any manager
and sensual daydreams to treasure for love
can you just see it
hello hello

don't truly meant please don't dream it
B don't dreaming don't remaining TV

we've got to get out of this trap
is for this decadence fun apps are wheels
I've got to be strong try to hang on
or else my mind may well snap
into my life will be missed fool the through

it's be harm to me
hope mean mommy
god bless Lily st. sir

mama mama mama mama mama mama mama mama longer than

I planned thing
imma be you were the prettiest thing
you could have you done your mind goes ping
how to talk to nobody will sing
to the party at the central come
to shake it unless I don't know
what the word you say from a trouble and K

what a non-conforming
he'll be aware that this listing
will get ahead and do my toes being
without a company that will swing
threw at the party and the soundtrack own
going to ship it to love her don't go on go on go
sit somewhere to get something from a travel and pay me

we are a wild and untamed thing
we're be with the dead listing
you get ahead and your mind goes ping
you how to be something and your blood will sing
for the party and the soundtrack come
going to shake until the 11th don't don't don't
trust a small world keeps me safe from a trouble and pay

Frankie you girl
to you and over
your miss you music 30
you normally starts to mix Tunisia
I'm your knee deep in mind bro
you down to prison or
return to Transylvania
free Pandora
turn transit beam


This is truly even weirder than the actual musical piece. And that's saying something. Quite a big something. Here are the actual lyrics. Duly note that in the beginning of every character's lines, the character's name is visible within the lyrics.

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