torstai 24. huhtikuuta 2014


Can I got good luck
with the cut the EU

see easy one day
when I get hungry
I saw the wooden house
I have to visit uncle Gandhi
who listen to get the town
I'm going to candy
he is the effects
a tiny bit of math
and I know that Haley has me
as much as he can

I text driver man
is what I want to be
but there are no customers
who want to ride with me
I don't know why
it could be that I'm almost blind
spot every street in Calcutta I can find

Kyle cook the
I am a taxi driver
in God's truth
the address my little sexy in carpool
to taxi taxi taxi in Calcutta
I'm a taxi driver Eminem

I like to drop the taxi
I like it very much
even though I have no license
I always find a clutch
I can drive it up my head
I can drive it off my feet
and I have no problems
getting text you on this

please God
I find a taxi driver
Dan got a tooth that
I've tried my little sexy in calc route to
I am dick sexy text see
in Callicoon to see
in Cancun to have him
a taxi driver in God

Texting another text
see in Kyle goes to a
Texas A&M college

I am a taxi driver Eminem
I am a taxi driver mayhem
I'm that I can I cook
the get back about you tell
if I like a duck taco

Patty you you thats it thats
the second thought that
I could take a second to talk
with that thought that I could
but then I gotta quit
that's good luck with talk about that
I could talk to you sounds good

I am a sexy driver
during God good thought
I'd like my little sexy in God
took the taxi taxi taxi in Calcutta
thats it thats sexy in Cali cuca
damn that sucks it either
in God took the exit
Dennis sexy in Concord
the taxi taxi taxi in God
I am a taxi driver to make him
I am a taxi driver to man


English-speaking Android users in India must have a hell to deal with the speech recognition feature. I'm just saying. The real lyrics are here.

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