lauantai 5. huhtikuuta 2014

Count to Six and Die

She's got her eyes open why
she's got the text and speech of the world
the house on the metal
the lips off a scared little girl
I've got an angel in the lobby
he's waiting to put me in line
I won't ask forgiveness
my face has gone try
she's got her Christian prescription
I'm just have scrolled in her ear
like elevator music of songs that
she shouldn't here
and it spins around
and we will lay down
some do it fast
and some do it better
and smaller a mounds
and it spins around
and we all lay you down
some do it's fast
and some do it better
in smaller amounts


Just... what. Somehow just a few mishearings messed this up pretty much completely. Go here for the real lyrics. The link directs to azlyrics instead of the usual MetroLyrics site, because they had the lyrics all wrong there, with [incomprehensible] parts and the site would not let me make any corrections.

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