torstai 3. huhtikuuta 2014


Gravity plays favorites
I know it 'cause I saw
honest to god of fish
there its all full donuts
work I'm getting too familiar
with the flu for

trading in my talents
but the most full
hey to break it to you
but it out of my control
Francis to to work well
we all sleeping
if I could a text with
a more sensible approach
okay see you sleep that's what I'd be doing

someone tell her
someone get low
No except cracking sideways
hit me from the back side
I am on the wild side
you are on the block side
cut up the stuff part size
shoes me from my good side
if you got a straight line
this would be a good time

gravity works slowly
if you notice it at all
some of us are getting mighty lock keys
aren't we
if you have to live with this
you'd rather live in full
you think I can't fly
well you just watch me
watch me

someone tell her
someone Kindle

you can do it
good girl
ABCD EFG hijk lMNO PQRST you vwxyz
it what fruit left foot
that's just the way we showed you
look at some color
someone in our seats dad
posture 000
posture oh look
I think he's going now
oh my god
I'm going to see if he's moving
I think we lost him

now next up cracking sideways
hit me from the back side
I am on the fence sad
you are on the fat side
talk of peace that spelled size
shoot me from my bad side
if you want a straight line
this would be a dude time

this girl is so loose for going down on me
the story is always fully fully
just go for pulling down on me
so our food for
forgive me please!


This makes even less sense than the original lyrics.

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