torstai 24. huhtikuuta 2014

Under Huntress Moon

What does snowfall and sake and bonfire Saturday
and shooting stuff potent stuff for it
I ascended to study math and stuff not mine
well that precious that nasty I left

the it's on to your mood to
be moving to your son
together we promised to come
with the turn of the screw
wonderfully perfect timing
we're cleft want another run down

through them its cool though what's with the night dress up of stewed
optometrist fix Carling you
must own lashes visit on your fish am and read
that stinks yeah I think we should mention a crew

those keep creature spring
heads up time I'm doing a cat
with a paddle necklace have
fun sing in Steves to not miss and Mister
will she let bloody vengeance Alltel
oh well she put her

she liked the sky just physical papers from the ocean
just by the thought that lives inside
and with his pride in class with concentrated cushion
so paradise to try and come out to ask dad

I adorn myself at dusk
with ornaments to close the new
a kiss as red as blood and cold as hell
my buddy glows with lost in a mic at the flag of truce
I raced a dorm to catch you in my spell

with a hands-free twist
I cannot rule sister
such a female mind control
this wanton witch why to rapid sister
to whom I pour my wine and sewer

and here we go again

home from the copse of black with youth
when the moon was drawn to you
like a sword through a Gordian knot
she didn't send it to me claiming swift recovery
over the heart of me as soon as the couch

with every kiss this Huntress whisper
yield to my sweet embrace
one night of bliss
I could not dismiss her
what scent do you take a shot for me
I die fuck yesterday

you mesmerized my soul Diana
you mesmerized my soul
you mesmerized months old are ya know
you mesmerized by monsoon
you mesmerized months old or young I use
mesmerized masoom
you mesmerized Masuda ya know
you miss marrage much so
you mesmerized Masuda
that are you missed marrage my so
you mesmerized my sould
i untie you mesmerized my soul
you're missing rise my soul Diana
you mesmerized my so
you mesmerized my soul Diana
you mesmerized my soul


By no means I am getting any better at this growling business. And these are even lyrics I actually remember. WTF. Well, erm, at least the real lyrics read somewhat better.

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