tiistai 29. huhtikuuta 2014

Would You Love a Monsterman

Would you love a monsterman
could you understand beauty of the beast

fire at will
fire at will

that would kill
yeah I would freecell
over there to get a chill
yeah I would slay yeah I would mayhem
yeah I would vanish into thin air
to beat up here again
not be riding the square
see how would be sincere
yeah I would lie yeah I would lie
yeah I would be there waking the did
you get the thrill I say yeah
I say yeah

would you love a monsterman
to cheer understand a beauty of the beast
I would do it all for you would you doodle doodle for me

take your time you'll be fine
yeah there's nothing wrong with this
you and committing crime
you don't know why is passed to by
you search for something
never found along these lies
so someday you may turn around
and terrorists are you can't deny
you can surprise
to get down in the guts
of swallowing your pride
I say yeah

also would you love a monsterman
to chew on this and the beauty of the beast
I would do it all for you to do it I'll do it all for me

old goat you get this much
love you didn't say hello
leaving full now someday I am in return


boot you love a monsterman
who to love a monsterman

what she wants and if you tear of the bees
I do it all for you to chew too little too little for me
YouTube downloader must a man
to chew on this end the beauty of the BS
I would do little for you would you do it don't do it all for me

yeah hey


I'd definitely doodle doodle for you, Mr. Putaansuu.

The real lyrics are here. I will make an exception and post twice on the same day, because this, being essentially a re-worded cover song, definitely needs companion misheard lyrics of the original song (which, you guessed it, would be I Was Made for Loving You by KISS).

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