keskiviikko 23. heinäkuuta 2014

Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover

That's old dog has changed you up alright
give you everything you need to live inside a twisted catch
sleep inside and I'm 28

I had a dream I was your hero
damn I wish I was your lover
I draw cute till the daylight comes
tell doctors change ur own ride
give you everything you need
live inside a twisted cage sleep beside
An empty rage
I had a dream I luv your hero

Tim Allen show silly
I like you to the game apps can
make sure the left mine in mph RM

an interesting to know it'll be me and my buddy
I was just texting Steve Lopez
we are mine don't you talk to Michelle and her

open up on the inside could have got to make you cry

this monkey can't stand to see you back in blue

I gave you something sweet and time
you coming inside my jungle book
what is it just your dude
that's a mistake of sending you throw
every soul a stroller ever hello kitty.

It did not come make sure you are smiling and the rim
I hope everything can I be your mother
I would do such things to ease your pain
free your mind and you won't feel ashamed

shucks, for me there is no other
you're the only issue that suits
I can't imagine all of the food down of it
I wish I was your lover
if I was your girl believe me
I'll turn on the Rolling Stones
we could cuddle and then feel much better

man you hit

I could do it for real rose and Andrew Rhonda Byrne
give me enough to kiss you
walked into the store I'm sure
we don't need no doctor to feel much better

let me in
hurray for run devil run dance ever

I stepped on the mountain side with peace of mind
and I lay by the ocean
making love to her with visions clear
work the days with no one here

and I return is chained and bound to you

damn I wish I was your lover
I like you too good day love to come
make sure you use my normal
I am at something tonight or be your mother
I would do such things to ease your pain
Real Madrid you feel the same

shucks for being there is no other
no the only she knew that since
I can't imagine I'll grow and I did

damn I wish I was your man
just open up then go to come so
what a feeling you won't want to make you cry

damn I wish I was too
getting on the subway now
I'm coming up to now

standing on the street corner
waiting for my love to change

the ending like a schoolboy to shy and too young
Alicia I was your lover

open up I wanna come inside
I want to feel awful wanna make you cry

my only shot of your dirty little mouth,
33 Alicia wants to hang around this jungle wishing to this


What? Okay, um, not REMOTELY like it was intended.

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