torstai 24. heinäkuuta 2014


I was cruel and unkind
to Swann Ave
how to draw the line
accouting do the things you want
so here's your key
I think we're done

to me, you can
just go to my house
but it happens goes away

cry to me in
tried to end the pain
started so goes away

It's quiet now
I should've cleaned
there is nothing
left to say
you have time
all the house
so I read an entire time
you'll be alright

the mood to your mark
and you installed my heart
that it goes away

Robin went
right to end a pain
but it's alright go to worry

hold up I'll let you go through
what I went
through the booze and
do do do do

you make your mark
and I'm too scared my heart
that its own I go swimming the rain
cry to in vain
try to end the pain
but it also goes away


Oh Cristal, you daft bugger, you. Here are the real lyrics, sappy as fuck.

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