perjantai 27. joulukuuta 2013

My Heart We Learned Go On

"Is free night in my dreams
I see you
I see you
to you then what is how I know you
goon for Rick Ross

Dis tunes and space
2 YouTube
you have come to you sure
you do me dear
for when a real for you

Oh baby please
that's the way love goes
Gulam mooch mooch
YouTube YouTube YouTube
in my heart and my heart
we do you know
who the new moon

love can touch just one time
and lust for love you too im and you from
noon clue see you who nooo
so soon love you
mom true time
I do if my love will you
please do runes
new year where are you
hello for me

please theft auto do for you
I want you to know
where you are
do you want to be
in my heart and my heart
we learned go on and on

hello who who who
please who who
is in the heart to heart with you
who the hell"


"Jack? JACK?! Never forget the Gulam mooch mooch, because that's the way love goes! I will always love you!" Real lyrics here.

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