maanantai 16. joulukuuta 2013

Remove the Love Forever

"do you still remember
how we used to be
feeling together
believing whatever
my love has been to me

both of us which remains
young love in the Sun
good luck my Savior
I gave you with only just begun

hugs to you
remove the love forever
hubby is in love scenes
love to suck

live forever
full moon
is a search for the on

is this still remember
it for you whispered with
the touch of your skin
giving left for movie night
with some man

a hug to think through my finger
like the sands of time
promises gave every memory safe
just reflections in my mind

hugs to you
who do you go through
all the way to everlasting light
The Sun um"

Real lyrics can be read here (link opens to a new tab)

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