lauantai 14. joulukuuta 2013

This Member Me

"no words then broken promise
loneliness behind privacy
no use for cuteness in need of a bitch
so much for sweetness

can tell her team
can't help crying
can help going back down
you can't help me now
only you could help me

but the skin remembers
these members me
Kenny open say
what you need to say
for sale for I don't know how to speak

do you remember
this member me
do you remember remember
how to die ever let you forget"

This is a bit different kind of post, because the song is from a relatively unknown (unless you're in the right circles in, say, Italia or Russia) Finnish band, so all their lyrics are not easily found. Click the link below to see the real lyrics. It opens on this post.

UltraNoir: Dismember Me

"No words in broken promises
loneliness behind privacy
No use for cuteness in need of sex
so much for sweetness

Can't help hurting
can't help crying
Can't help going back down
You can't help me now
(only you could help me)

But the skin remembers
Dismember, dismember me
Tear me open, take
what you need
Save yourself for
I don't know how to speak

Dismember, dismember me
dismember, remember
How could I
ever let you forget?"

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